Upside down nick generator

Upside-down nickname generator

According to Albert Einstein’s theory, all things are relative. What he really refers to with that statement is to the relativeness with the curve space/time. Sometimes I think how weird it might be to be living in a space ship where there is zero gravity. Also, what it means to lose track of what means to be standing up in your feet like a regular human being or upside-down like floating because of the lack of gravity, being that one of the first difficulties that astronauts have.

That is why before going on a mission they need to train on earth and in that training they need to be under the water in big pools for 9 complete hours so that they get used to be living without gravity at all.

rotareneg txet etirovaf ym si sihT ☜☆☞

Text backwards

When I write with cute nick generator letters, with upside-down nick letters it is hard for me to notice if I am the one who is upside-down or if the letters are, because as I pointed out previously, all things are relative.

Copy and paste the text in your nick
ɥǝllo ʍoɹlp
As you see this is the most indecipherable of four, perfect for your contacts to the head from breaking deciphering your comments.

Alphabets letters backwards

ɐ q ɔ p ǝ ɟ ƃ ɥ ı ɾ ʞ l ɯ u ñ o b d ɹ s ʇ u ʌ ʍ x ʎ z
∀ B ɔ D Ǝ Ⅎ ⅁ H I ſ ⋊ ⅂ W ᴎ ñ O Ԁ Ό ᴚ S ⊥ ∩ ᴧ M X ⅄ Z
ɐ b ɔ d ǝ ɟ b ɥ ı ƪ ʞ 1 ɯ n o d b ɹ s ʇ n ʌ ʍ x ʎ z

List of symbols backwards

I imagine that when someone tries to read those upside-down letters it will be funny to see them turning their heads so they can read in a correct way your nickname. That is similar to what happens to me when I see a japanese nick nickname, I always try to see and understand their meaning from different angles and perspectives.

? ! " & ' ( . 3 4 6 7 ; < A B C D E F G J K L M N P Q R T U V Y [ _

¿ ¡ „ ⅋ , ) ˙ Ɛ ᔭ 9 Ɫ ؛ > ∀ 𐐒 Ↄ ◖ Ǝ Ⅎ ⅁ ſ ⋊ ⅂ W ᴎ Ԁ Ό ᴚ ⊥ ∩ ᴧ ⅄ ] ‾

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n r t v w y { ‿ ⁅ ∴

ɐ q ɔ p ǝ ɟ ƃ ɥ ı ɾ ʞ ʃ ɯ u ɹ ʇ ʌ ʍ ʎ } ⁀ ⁆ ∵

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