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Chinese nickname letters

In this globalized world, the different cultures are more and more connected to one another. It is amazing to realize that we are separated for thousands of kilometers from our Friends and family but with internet and only one click we are able to communicate just like if we were in the same place with that person. That is the magic that happens with technology and that connects our lives in real time.

Chinese and Japanese culture is so attractive to the west side of the world because of their so different customs, interesting way of writing, their millenary traditions, their exquisite food, martial arts and religion. One thing though is that it is very easy to confuse japanese nick and chinese nick.

Some Chinese letters

These letters may seem very strange to you, but if you include them in your nickname it will definitely look more attractive and eye catching.

頁 - 設 - 是 - 煵 - 엌 - 嫠 - 쯦 - 案 - 煪 - ㍱ - 從 - つ - 浳 - 浤 - 搰 - ㍭ - 煤 - 洳 - 橱 - 橱 - 迎 - 事 - 網 - 計 - 簡 - 大 ㍵ - 畱 - 煵 - 田 - 煱 - 둻 - 睤 - ㌹ - 楤 - ぱ - 椹 - ぱ - 頹 - 衙

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Copy and paste the text in your nick

Internet has not distance boundaries. It can be that you are far away from the east side of the world, from Japan or China, but you can still write a funny nick that describes your personality with your nickname.

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